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'Leave it in the Soup' is now available for purchase from Amazon or iTunes.

The World of Nickhoo

The World of Nickhoo

Leave it in the Soup

  1. Dance Like a Skeleton
  2. Bad Hair Day
  3. Leave It In the Soup
  4. Have a Party When You Get the Blues
  5. Great Day
  6. I Can't Tie My Shoes
  7. Boing
  8. Friends of the Sea
  9. Melanie the Mermaid
  10. This Old Town
  11. The Lullaby

Dream Jam Band

  1. Jumping to Conclusions
  2. That's Enough for Me
  3. Nicky Nicky Knock Knock
  4. The Cow Song
  5. Hello Moon
  6. Bike
  7. This Train
  8. Brush Your Teeth
  9. Playin' In the Band
  10. Look Around
  11. If You Could See Through My Eyes

Watch the videos:

  1. Sprout Live - Nicky Nicky Knock Knock
  2. Sprout Live - Look Around
  3. Bike
  4. Brush Your Teeth
  5. Jumping to Conclusions
  6. Party
  7. Electronic Press Kit #1
  8. Electronic Press Kit #2
  9. Bad Hair Day

"The Dream Jam Band instantly connects with children by delivering melodies full of unbridled joy and happiness. It connects with adults because of the superb songwriting and musicianship.The record is a lot of fun to listen to, but it's also smart. It is rare when you encounter a kid's music CD that you know you'll never get tired of."

- Bob Waugh Program Director /103 WRNR