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Maestro C (Frank Corrado)

frank When Maestro C was a kid, a band named, the Beatles arrived and although all four of them were his heroes, he was a huge Paul McCartney fan. Paul was the bass player and wrote a song called, Yesterday. On that song he played acoustic guitar and when Maestro C saw him play, he realized for the first time that people can play more than one instrument. He was already playing saxophone in the school band and quickly taught himself clarinet and flute. Soon after, he was playing piano, guitar and bass. Other kids took notice and he would be asked to play in different bands; country, rock, jazz and pop. He loved it all and tried to learn all of the different playing styles from each style of music.

The last genre of music to learn was classical. As with his piano and guitar playing, he attempted many orchestral pieces on these two instruments. One of his favorite composers is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart had written a piece called, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Maestro C loved this melody so much that he wrote lyrics to it about his bike. Soon it became a Dream Jam Band song. The band calls him Maestro C because his last name begins with the letter C. He is so proud of the music he has learned to play, write and record. He has learned that if you love what you do, you will always be happy.