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Francine (Francine Wheeler)

francine The Dream Jam Band is a dream come true for Francine. She is a very colorful person with many nicknames including, Fran / Che / Frankie / Sanfreen / Ciney /Narf / Miss Fran /Lobis. She has sung for many people in many different places around the world. She can sing jazz, opera, pop, rock, folk, you name it. She also makes up characters and voices. She even sung 20 flavors of ice cream in a matter of seconds.

She used to be a music teacher, teaching thousands of children to joyfully express their musical selves. Since she is a trained performer in theatre and music and a pianist and guitarist, it is so much fun for her to imagine and sing and dance with children everywhere. She loves to dress in many colors. That is why all of her Dream Jam outfits are multi-colored. Her closet is filled with pink, green and white, and that's just her boots!