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Erin the Red (Erin Hill)

erin Erin the Red is called that because she has red hair, just like her mom and her grandma. She sings and writes songs, and plays lots of instruments, like harp, bass, piano, guitar, sax, flute, fiddle, accordion, drums, etc. But her favorite is the harp, 'cause it's so cool!' She plays Hazel, and she's an Irish harp.

She has gotten to do a lot of fun things, like be in some movies and on TV and also in some Broadway shows. She likes things that are funny, so she does a lot of comedy, like Chappelle's Show and The Chris Rock Show, and Tim Robbins' Cradle Will Rock. On Broadway she was in the original casts of Titanic, Sam Mendes' Cabaret and - (this is a funny title) - Urinetown! But Titanic was her favorite 'cause I got to go down with the ship'.

Erin the Red and her harp, we were on the cover of Harp Magazine in 2013. She also won an independent music award.

She has a dog named MacLeod (he's a Westie), plus she juggles and is an expert at walking on her hands :)