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Barry G (Barry Gellert)

barry Barry G plays the guitar and sings. He loves playing the guitar because it is so much fun, but it took a lot of patience and practice before he could play songs. He began teaching himself to play the guitar at the age of eleven. His early guitar heroes were guitarists like James Burton, who backed up Elvis Presley in the 1970's, and bluesman, BB King. Later, he was influenced by Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Now he is influenced by all of his fans and his twins, Matthew and Brooke.

Barry G always wanted to be a singer, but was too shy to sing in front of people. He would hide his mouth in a pillow and sing and sing. His mother was a professional singer who performed in the tri-state area, and his grandmother sang live on the radio in the 1940's. Finally, at the age of nineteen, he decided to start singing and performing with his own band and performed in NYC and all along the east coast.

The first music he ever heard was the music of The Beatles. The Beatles inspired him to start writing his own songs, and he started slipping them into the sets his band would play whenever he performed. The Who were also a major influence on his writing and guitar playing.

Barry G loves teaching music to children of all ages, especially the guitar, bass, banjo and mandolin. His favorite color is orange because it reminds him of the sun and moon, and his favorite ice cream is (actually orange sherbert with vanilla ice cream in the middle, frozen on a stick!)

Barry G and The Dream Jam Kids album, Huh Uh is on Universal/MyKaZoo Music www.barrygsongsforkids.com