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The Dream Jam Band are five musicians from the Northeast who write and play an eclectic collection of original music for children of all ages young and old. Their influences range from The Beatles to Mozart from Duke Ellington to Woody Guthrie. When asked how to describe The Dream Jam Band's music, one member said: "A Marx Brothers movie that you can dance to." Learn More

Barry G

Barry G (Barry Gellert) started teaching himself guitar at the age of 11 and later became a music teacher. He sings lead and plays lead guitar and bass. His guitar virtuosity is one of the engines that drives The Dream Jam Band and his singing and songwriting are joyous elements in its fabric Read More


Francine's (Francine Wheeler) experience as a music teacher, inspiring the joy of music in thousands of children led to her becoming a lead vocalist in The Dream Jam Band. Francine's pure and beautiful voice captivates young and old alike. Her colorful outfits on stage enhance her performances and emphasize her vibrant personality, having audiences dancing in the aisles. Read More

Maestro C

Maestro C ( Frank Corrado) is the master teacher in the group, a multi-instrumentalist who hears songs in his head and can write them down instantly. He composes and sings funny songs and the juxtaposition of a proper Maestro singing silly songs is hilarious.Read More

Erin the Red

Erin the Red (Erin Hill) is a virtuoso musician, playing harp, bass, piano, guitar, saxophone and many more. She sings lead and harmonies. Her long, red hair and bright red outfits are perfectly matched to her bubbly and vivacious sense of humor. She has the audiences belly laughing and falling in love with her. Read More